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Mid-Term Inspections

Keeping an Eye on Things.

Valuable Insight.

Dealing with minor issues before they turn into full-on problems is one of the most cost saving things any landlord can do. That’s why mid-term inspections are so important. After all, how else will you find out how your tenants are treating your property?

Why mid-terms matter

What if a tenant has been breaching the tenancy agreement and you don’t find out until it’s too late? What if lasting damage has already been done? A mid-term inventory check will uncover things like maintenance issues, damage, neglect and unauthorised activity such as smoking, pets or subletting, as well as giving you an indication of the general level of care taken by the tenant over your property.

Appointments to suit tenants’ schedules, no extra charges for out of hours

Mid-term inspections run best when tenants are present, which is why we’ll attend whenever it suits, and we won’t charge any extra for the convenience. Our friendly, professional inventory clerks are experienced enough to detect any issues whilst exercising calm and tact. They’ll be thorough but not intrusive, knowing just what to look for and including in their reports any suggestions for changes and maintenance.

GDPR compliant inspections – for complete peace of mind

At S.R.P. Inventories, we know the importance of data protection compliance and fully respect tenants’ privacy. It’s precisely why we have invested heavily into setting down strict processes that adhere to the requirements laid out by the GDPR. So when we visit a property that is tenanted, we first obtain the tenant’s written consent  to take close-up inspection photographs for the inventory. If they refuse then we respect their wishes and instead record an even more highly detailed written description than usual.

We always advise tenants in advance to remove any personally identifiable items such as photographs and paperwork, and when taking photographs we do our very best to ensure nothing of this nature is captured. Photographs are double checked at our head office to ensure any personal content that does appear is deleted immediately. We also provide clear explanations to tenants about how their data is being stored, and for how long. A copy of our GDPR documentation and policies is made available to all our clients.

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Valuable insight you can’t do without

  • Same day/next day on regular mid-term inspections
  • Ready to run cleaning & maintenance schedules
  • Fair wear & tear – helpful notes for landlords
  • Detailed but non-intrusive GDPR compliant inspections
  • Extensively detailed descriptions and referenced images
  • Highly competitive rates – no hidden charges
  • Appointments to suit – no extra for out of hours
  • Digitally signed with tenant comment function

Our System

Saving time, driving down costs, making life a breeze

S.R.P.’s state of the art digital inventory system allows you secure access to your inventory, check-in, check-out and mid-term reports anytime. And there are so many more benefits and time-saving features included too, like instant maintenance schedule run-offs and landlord task lists. Why not take a walk through our system and see for yourself?

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